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Redemption through C-section

In my last post, months and months ago, I explained why I was choosing to have a c-section.
In a word, the experience was redemptive. I hoped and prayed that it would be, but I knew there was no guarantee. Here's why I want to share this. I usually read that women want a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) usually after an unplanned c-section. Totally understandable. In fact, I was worried that I would have an unplanned vaginal birth and that terrified me. I know how silly that sounds but I was NOT going through that again. I am intentionally using the phrase "vaginal birth" instead of "natural birth" on purpose. My "natural birth" experience was like this: You are locked inside a room with  two options to get out: a bundle of Acme dynamite or a credit card. My daughter MacGyvered  her way out - all shrapnel and glass shards - and I did not want that with my son. All I'm saying is, what may seemnatural to the mainstream may not feel that way to ev…

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