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Mother of a Daughter

Why is this relationship between mothers and daughters like a landmine for some of us? And so la-tee-da for others? Ever since Cori Jo was born, I've been eyeing her suspiciously for signs of early onset teenage angst (EOTA) with designs on causing an irreparable rift between us. Just today I held her for a nap and when her daddy came home it was all about him.  She rejected my open arms of comfort, not once but twice as she ran over to her father. Chopped. Liver. Most of me thinks it's adorable but there's another part that wonders "am I losing her already?" You know, at 19 months old. 

Here's the thing, I have no amazing insights into this particular relationship. I'm still navigating my role as daughter with much to be processed and explored. Isn't it a little nuts that, as daughters, we enter into the mother role and have to simultaneously navigate the two, having neither figured out completely? Who successfully processes all their mommy issues…

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