Just Do It!

The Time Has Come...

I've wanted to create a blog for some years now.  But I haven't had the guts to actually do it.  I know I'm not alone in this.  I was and am still afraid of starting a blog.  Fear.  Fear has been winning.  It puts me, and sometimes those I love, in a vulnerable spot - the internet!  I'm afraid of comments.  I'm nervous about what people will think or say about me.  I am worried about being judged.  I'm even concerned that no one will care or that I will be boring! But I'm mostly over it.  That's not true; I'm hardly over it.  I'm just going to do it despite the fear.  Because other reasons outweigh the fear.  I don't want others to feel alone.  I believe thinking you are alone in something is a dangerous place to be.  So I'd rather risk all the things I'm afraid of if even one person feels less alone in whatever their struggle may be.  Your struggle.  I'm talking to you.  The truth is, I don't have a specific platform.  Unless my little old life is the platform, then sure.  Everyone has a platform.  You wake up, you have a platform.  You have something to say.  You stand for something.  

Why Perfect for the Pocket (PFP)?

A dear friend of mine texted me about travel-sized deodorant and how it was the perfect size for her purse.  Folks, there will be a lot of talk about the mundane, but that's life.  We rejoiced about the tiny smell-good stick that would save us for BO.  I think she even suggested that this would be a great blog name and I vowed that, if I ever started a blog, that would be the name.  Tiny, useful things that  are small enough to fit in your pocket.  The things you need to get you through the day, or an evening.  Keys, lip balm, debit card, photo of your cat or kid, tissue, cell phone, business card.  DEODORANT. I wanted to share just a little of myself each time.  Just a little take-away to get someone to the next thing. The next day.  The next moment.  Sometimes that's all we need.  The thing that you can reach in your pocket and rub repetitively, imperceptibly. The mantra you say over and over.  The thing you tuck away inside yourself to get you through. This is for me.  This is for you. I want there to be an us.  It's how I'd like to go through life - as an us. 


  1. Perfect for the... pocket? Eh, I don't recall you using your pocket to stash debit cards. Love it nonetheless. Keep risking all the stuff!

  2. I'm so proud of you. And I've alqays thought you should do this! So excited and exciting.


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